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Black Wallpaper

Your desktop background or better known as desktop wallpaper is an important part of you computer’s user interface. It greets the computer user and comforts them in using the computer. There are lots of stunning desktop wallpapers on the internet. They are available in a range of sizes. Some of them are free while some are sold. Wallpapers sold are not necessarily better than free wallpapers.

The best wallpaper for your desktop is one that fits your screen resolution. Lets say your screen is 1280 by 800 pixels, a wallpaper with the same resolution will fit perfectly on your desktop. The image will not blur or appear pixelated if the resolutions are the same. You can easily check your screen resolution at the computer settings menu.

Desktop wallpapers come in many colors and designs. One of the best choices is a black wallpaper or dark wallpaper. Black is perceived as a visual experience when no light reaches the eyes. Dark or essentially black can soothe the eyes while providing peace of mind and tranquility. It increases the contrast of colors from the screen and enhances pictures, designs and enhances the visual aspect of the computer. Besides it, dark wallpapers portray the user’s personality. It symbolizes nobility, quality, creativity, innovativeness, boldness, power, strength and beauty.

The act of changing your desktop wallpaper at least once a month can increase productivity. Imagine an office employee working in a cubicle overseeing the concrete jungle that never sleeps. A change of view may reduce the pressure while providing a sip of freedom. Besides, it would just be plain boring staring at the picture day after day.

As a conclusion, the act of changing your desktop wallpapers not only changes the look of your computer background image. It is more than that. It provides a visual, physical and spiritual freedom when you are there sitting on that chair facing your desktop. Act now. Change your desktop wallpaper and feel the difference.

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